2 Examples of Social Influence Marketing

Social influence marketing

Examples of social influence marketing are seen through the purchasing decisions of consumers. This plays a crucial role in the decision of a buyer.

In this article, we are going to talk about examples of social influence that affect marketing. Social influence is also known as social proof.


Examples of Social Influence Marketing

1. Online Communities and Groups

Think about the people in your business niche. Who do you view as a social influence within your niche? Likely it will be someone who has many followers who trust them implicitly. For instance, look no further than the social media news feed. Given that, you see how many people follow them and take the time to comment, like, share, and engage.

Influencers play a crucial role in influencing society on what to purchase. As a result, it’s simply because their popularity reaches audiences. If a celebrity buys an air fry cooker, almost everyone will try to get their hands on an air fryer. Many companies pay a lot of money to ask celebrities to be seen using their product. Companies pay to use celebrities’ or influencers’ popularity to make their products seen by various audiences on any media platform, from television to social media.

This concept works the same for online businesses. If there is someone well-known and trusted by an online community, their word means a lot. If they recommend or endorse something, the sales are likely to skyrocket. They have a faithful following that trusts them. Connecting with a social media influencer can exponentially grow your business.


2. Avatars – Your Target Audience

A business’s brand is its social role. A marketer will create a specific person, an avatar, who would buy particular products. It would be based on a particular demographic and other factors. Based on that avatar, you have a targeted audience who will likely purchase a product that would align with the way that person needs. Marketers use that to their advantage.


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