Are You Creating an eCourse?

creating an eCourse

Are you interested in creating an eCourse? Online environments present unique challenges, but they also open new doors for students to become engaged in their learning.

The global pandemic left us at a standstill last year, but some of us have pushed through with the online platform. This trend continues to rise. The online format should not overlook, but how do you design an effective way to meet the unique challenges it offers? Luckily, we have just the guide for you in our free workbook and idea generator in the Profit Planner “eCourse Launch Blueprint.”


1. Learn by Looking for Solutions in Creating an eCourse

In the transition process into the online environment, it is common to ask, “How do I do this in an online environment?” You can navigate the potentially unique opportunities offered by the online setting more easily and quickly by focusing your attention on the learning process. This allows for a more organic approach.


2. Set a Deadline

It takes time to create a quality e-course. You need to make sure you devote constructive time to planning, designing, and building. Depending on how busy you are, the time it takes to complete your new e-course varies. Therefore, it is crucial to set realistic timeframes, goals, benchmarks, and deadlines for your project to ensure your success. This is called course mapping.


3. Include Content Materials

You can include content materials to enhance your eCourse. Seek features and design elements of online courses that meet your eCourse goals. In general, you should be reviewing studies in the field you intend to create an eCourse in, but note that you aren’t limited to that. Can you include a checklist, videos, or graphics to help your audience learn?


The first time you create an eCourse, you won’t create the perfect one, so don’t beat yourself up for not getting it 100% right on the first try. The improvement and enhancement of an eCourse may take some updates and tweaks. Learn from the feedback of your students and keep experimenting with new approaches to your teaching.

The key is don’t stop learning, even though you are the mentor in this setting. You have the ability to collect valuable insight from your students. This includes the design, content, and delivery of your eCourse by doing surveys. This will not only be a way for you to improve, but this will also enable them to actively participate in how their learning experience should improve and be modified.

Avoid The Overwhelm of Creating Your First Online Course

eCourse Launch Blueprint



You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Our free workbook illustrates a blueprint on the best ways to set goals for yourself effectively and provides results for your potential clients.

You can get the entire eCourse Launch Blueprint Profit Planner for free today.

For a limited time, you can get the entire Profit Planner eCourse Launch Blueprint for FREE. It comes with a textbook, workbook, idea generator, calendar of tasks, a checklist – everything you need to create a successful eCourse.

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