Are You Using a “Start Here” Page?

"start here" page

"start here" page

A “Start Here” page is a website’s initial starting point for visitors.  It’s a guide for your visitors that leads them down the concise path that gets them to where they want to go.

Give your reader what they need when they need it – FAST and EASY.

Spend time building a blog, creating attractive content, inspiring others, and providing helpful information, and you can still be ignored when people get a little confused. And when confused, readers move on to something else more interesting at light speed.

What if there was a way to make them stop and look a little longer?

That extra glance could provide the necessary exposure for users to get to know what your online presence is about and what you can do for them. Even if you provide insightful information in a well-crafted blog, you may just be missing a great chance to make money blogging by ignoring the obvious clues showing that folks don’t know where to begin. 

What your website needs is a “Start Here” page!

The About Page vs The Start Here Page

I hope you already have your “About” page. You’ve probably rewritten it over and over again to perfection. Stop. It’s fine. It lets others know who you are, what your blog is about, and what moves you. 

Your “Start Here” page is for people that want to know where to go next to grab exactly what they’re searching for – even if they don’t know it. It has to be the fastest path to start the journey that they want to take. Ideally, it’s one that goes through plenty of content you created to generate a load of revenue for you.

Think of it as a map for visitors to easily navigate your content. This is your chance to guide people to what they want in an easy way. Your start page should include easy-to-follow information that will make your visitors know exactly what they can expect.

Simple information that should include:

  • Who you are. It will inform the visitor of your credentials in covering the areas that brought them there. Be concise, you want people to get to your content fast.
  • What you offer. If you deliver a service, be detailed about it. If you write about flowers, tell people what to expect.
  • Where the content is. Give them a map, structure it easily by subjects and go through what’s most popular. Direct links to content or categories help. A search bar goes a long way.
  • How to connect. Let people know how to reach you at any time in case of need.
  • Have the information ready. Anticipate why people are visiting and what they want to find.

Your “Start Here” page may just be the ticket to driving loyal and returning readers who will spend money with you. 

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