Building Your Community to Create a Powerful Email List

building your community

building your community

When you focus on building your community and making connections, you’ll find the end result is a powerful active email list. Often people assume that list-building is all about selling when in fact, it is about offering solutions. Successful list-building has nothing to do with selling.

What do you Provide for Your Community?

You are providing friendship, support, encouragement, mentoring-and selling is only a small part of that.

 It’s all about the connection. Your goal is to make a connection one way or another.

How to Make Email List Connections

The following scenario is how it normally works. Your ideal “tribe” member searches for a solution to a problem. She comes across a post by you, or a resource you’ve put out (free or paid), or she discovers your website, or sees your ad or boosted post on Facebook.

She signs up to get your solution. And in very rare cases, she might sign up to stay in touch, if you’ve impressed her with your relevance and importance to her life. If you haven’t yet created a list, she might find a post by you that helps her but if you don’t have some way and incentive for her to sign up, she will quickly forget you and she will probably not find you again. 

Don’t Miss the Boat or the Email List Connection

If you miss the boat, you’ve missed your connection. The same situation happens when you have a momentary connection, but you have no way to reach out again. If you meet someone and have a rapport, do you not get their contact information?

Failing to provide an easy sign-up opportunity with every appearance online is the number one-and most easily remedied-mistake you might make that will prevent you from growing your lists. 

Make sure that you provide a powerful reason to join your list and a way to do it for every piece of content of yours that your ideal visitor encounters. 

That’s just the beginning. 

It’s not about sending the visitor to your offer, so put it out of your head that you have to create a paid product first. Your goal here is to make a connection.

Half the time, he or she will find you because of:

  • An image quote you wrote or provided that inspired her
  • A tip you’ve shared in a Facebook group or on Twitter
  • A post you’ve shared (even if written by someone else) that helps her with what she’s grappling with at the moment
  • A post you wrote that gave her the information she was searching for
  • The joke or cartoon you shared that made her laugh-and then shared it herself
  • The story on your website in your about section that she could relate to and identify with
  • Sheer luck by stumbling across you by accident

If that’s all there is, she may share your image quote or bookmark the cool article you wrote on “Marketing 101”-but then she will QUICKLY FORGET YOU.

Why Follow Anyone Online?

Here’s the real reason people follow other people: It’s all about trust. 

Building a successful, active email list is about connecting and helping-not selling.

 To be memorable-to be the person your ideal client turns to first when they need help, you need to focus on:

  • Communicating
  • Helping
  • Listening
  • Responding
  • Entertaining

And, above all, delivering. Deliver on promises. Deliver on help.  Become the expert they seek to guide them into solutions.

You don’t just need to be the person to know, but also the person who knows who ELSE your ideal subscriber should know. So, don’t just think in terms of making connections with those you want to serve. 

Connect UP as well as down. Follow and keep the conversation going with influencers and people YOU want to know, as well.

Providing Something of Value

So here I am, taking my own advice…

Are you interested in learning how to build your list with the right subscribers? 

If you said “yes”, I have something awesome for you to take advantage of. How to Get More Subscribers

 One problem. One promise. One solution. 

 Built for success!

 What’s YOUR best marketing mix? 

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I can’t wait to hear your results when you use them.


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