Correcting the First Serious Profit Leak in Your Business

profit leak

If your online business is missing the mark when it comes to generating revenue you may be suffering from a profit leak.  

Have you considered that your first serious profit leak could be your free incentive? Is it missing the best call to action? Have you underestimated the power of your free incentive beyond getting an email address?

Opt-In Incentives

The best opt-in incentives are highly specific and provide value to your reader.  They seek to answer a specific customer question, solve a specific problem, and provide a quick result.  Rather than a generic ‘Guide to Online Business’ you should think instead of a “How to Create a Website for Your Online Business“.  When you offer a particular opt-in incentive, you will likely attract the ideal customer.   

Attracting Your Ideal Client

You need to make sure that you only attract the right clients. Otherwise, you can lose money, if you are advertising and using a pay-per-click model, by enticing the wrong visitor to your site. You may also attract people who cannot afford your services or programs. 

Take time to research and put careful thought and testing into your incentive. Your incentive is what you are offering in exchange for the visitor’s contact details and consent to being on your list.

Many coaches offer “free discovery sessions” or “free strategy sessions” with the idea that the potential client will like the taste of coaching so much that they will purchase a series of regular sessions.

This can be a serious mistake! It can be a huge leak of your time and energy unless you do it the right way.

You’re Not Giving Free Samples

Don’t treat your free strategy session as a ‘sample’. Make it clear that this session will solve a one-time-only, specific problem and provide a specific result that will help the session taker move forward. Make it clear that the potential client should expect to be asked to continue on with paid coaching if the result convinces her your time and services are valuable.

Remember – you have the right to say, “I don’t think you are ready for my services right now” and soften any perceived rejection by re-directing your attendee to a self-help workbook instead or refer her to a joint venture partner.

Expanding Your Incentive Offers

You don’t have to limit yourself to only using a free consultation as an incentive.  There are many types of incentives that entice a new visitor to sign up.  It could be a report – one that solves the problem that drove the visitor to your site – or a free copy of an ebook you have written.

Whatever you decide, make sure your gift or incentive does contain and conclude with a strong call to action directing the reader to your paid services.

So, remember when creating your sign-up incentive to have a goal for the incentive in mind. 

  • What do you want this visitor to get from this?
  • Would it be the perfect gift or the right step for them to take now?
  • What do you want her to do – simply sign-up to your email list or progress to paid coaching?

Pre-Qualify Your List

Make your incentive attractive only to the right visitor. Actively drive the rest away.

While that sounds counter-productive, you are in a unique situation to pre-qualify people before they get on your list. Because in the long run, this will pay off for you by having a very targeted list of people that are better community members, more engaged, and most likely to purchase your offers.


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