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Launching an eCourse that your target audience craves is a big deal and of course, your goal. It wouldn’t make much sense to design an eCourse and not keep the end-user in your thoughts.  Certainly, it’s important that you do some research and understand your target audience.  So, be sure to collect and use that information to develop your eCourse.


Launching an eCourse

Your eCourse needs to deliver what you promise.  Therefore, you need to make sure your course launch includes the following details:


  • What are the benefits that will change your student’s life in one specific, positive way?


  • Who will benefit from this course, who needs it and why (what problem are they having/will your eCourse solve?)


  • How you are going to help them and where will they be at the end of the eCourse?


  • Who you are and why you are the best person to help them


Keep the eCourse simple. Strip all the fluff and distraction in the content. As a result, your eCourse that won’t confuse people one-third of the way into it or teach them more than they really wanted to know. 

That means careful planning and research. Don’t skip this step—especially if it’s your first eCourse. Certainly, if your product doesn’t deliver, your audience will lose their interest quickly. And you may end up with a lot of refunds.

Most importantly, clearly identify who it’s for and specifically what you’ll teach in it. If you fail to deliver what you promised, all the list-building and sales techniques in the world aren’t going to bring your subscriber back for your next product or course. It won’t build your list, and you may even lose subscribers if you don’t do your homework.


Launching an eCourse Built for Success


  • First, teach something specific: not general or generic. For example: “Sculpt Your Abs in 7 Days” instead of  “Exercise for Women”


  • Second, zone in where your ideal student is currently hurting (ONE problem)


  • Third, give a clear picture of her ONE Problem, your ONE Promise, and your SINGLE Solution for that specific problem


  • Fourth, have a strong, descriptive Title that reflects the above, using specific keywords 


  • Fifth, allow her to complete it as easily and simply as possible


  • Finally, create a course you feel excited to present, in your own unique way


Marketing Your eCourse

Certainly, don’t be concerned if you have a small list at this point. Your focus must be on creating your craveable eCourse. Moreover, you can launch your eCourse even if you don’t have a huge list built up yet. However, be realistic in your initial sales activity and expectations.

There are a few ways to get your eCourse in front of an audience.  For instance, a big-name JV partner may be willing to present your eCourse to their list. Expect to offer an affiliate (referral) fee to the JV for promoting your eCourse to their audience on your behalf. This is pretty standard.

You should also promote directly to your own list and ask for referrals.

Next, create a strong social media campaign (free) and consider targeted Facebook advertising.

These are the basics and you can explore others. But find a balance; don’t overdo it the first time out.

Come up with a marketing plan. Whatever you choose, you can pull it off with a little creativity and elbow grease.


Launching an eCourse with Confidence

Systems like the eCourse Launch Blueprint certainly help make sure you don’t miss a step and lose profits.

The Blueprint is available as part of the MyNAMS Profit Planner called “eCourse Launch Blueprint”.

This course goes through the eCourse launch process in step-by-step detail.


ecourse Launch Blueprint

What’s covered in this training?

√   One problem. One promise. One solution.

   Find your best marketing mix to sell more courses.

   The 3 distinct phases to ensure you get plenty of sales.

   Recognize the 6 signs that you have veered off course.


In short, this is a complete system that makes sure you have everything you need.


You will receive these invaluable resources:

√   TextBook

√   Workbook 

√   Checklist 

   Tools and Resources Guide

√   Idea Generator

   Infographic with key points


Finally, a complete, concise implementation plan that gets to the key training quickly.

In conclusion, knowing what your target audience craves and delivering a product that will satisfy is within your reach!

So, don’t miss this. Grab your copy here.

To your success.

PS: This Profit Planner is free now but goes into the vault shortly and will not be available except to Lifetime Members. Check it out here

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