Make Money With a Blog: 3 Factors to Explore

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How do I make money with a blog? Is it simply writing their thoughts and sharing them on social media? Is it about having a website? Of course not. Before the rise of other money-making endeavors online, people have been using their blogs to earn money. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get cash. But, before it gets easy, you have to surpass all the challenges as a beginner in blogging. Like other online ways of making money, you need to be consistent and motivated while building an audience and following.


Ways to Make Money with a Blog

There are a few ways to make money with a blog. The more you adopt the practices of experienced bloggers, the greater chance you have to generate income from it. Here are the top strategies you can consider when learning how to make money with a blog for beginners.


1) Create a Website

Serious bloggers need to have a website. That’s right, the main secret to making money by blogging is to have your platform where you can publish your content. With your website, you are free to choose whatever niche you want to write.

Using software that allows you to earn money, like Google AdSense, you can start earning when your target audience starts visiting your platform. The critical thing to remember here is that you need a program to make your website lucrative. It’s not automatic. That’s why bloggers use AdSense and other similar software or program to earn.


2) Join a Blogging Platform

The best example is Medium. Medium allows writers to sign up and publish their articles for free. After some time, it will offer writers to sign up for its partner program to earn money per article views. So, how do bloggers make money? By joining a paying platform.

Find a paid platform that allows users to post, then convert the views of their published articles into cash. Seems more convenient, right? While this is cost-efficient, the competition is high on paying platforms. Experienced bloggers will make more money than the new ones since they already have an established target market. You need to work on your way up to make money.


3) Guest Bloggers

Bloggers also make money by blogging on behalf of another blog owner. Find someone who owns a website or a paid platform to hire you as their writer. Your publications will be under your name, and you get paid for them. You don’t have to own a website or be a member of a paying platform in this scenario, appealing to many new writers.


Make Money Blogging


There are many strategies to make money. However, the three mentioned above are the most effective.

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