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A hidden cause of leaks is customer service problems.  Keeping loyal customers is cheaper than the cost involved in getting new ones.  So, make sure clients and customers receive fast reliable service.  You may not think “customer service” can be an issue for a largely one-on-one coach, but as soon as you provide products, that need multiplies exponentially.  

Even if you only do one-on-one coaching you need to set up a system to: 

  • Streamline your processes
  • Avoid glitches and the resulting complaints that glitches cause

A hypothetical example is if you took seventy-two hours to acknowledge you received a client’s payment, your new client’s confidence would rapidly plummet. Nervousness would replace excitement and anticipation. Negative thoughts would creep in. Your client would approach the session on high alert, looking for signs that you’re not what you were cracked up to be.

That is just teaching your client to jump ship.

Potential Customer Care Issues

Setting up proper, effective and thoroughly tested systems takes care of eighty percent of potential customer care issues. An experienced VA can help you do just that. For those glitches or situations that inevitably do occur, setting up protocols and procedures and providing a way to help your clients and customers quickly contact you will keep your reputation from springing any leaks.

Branding your products, emails, and branding your Help Desk, if you automate customer service is a touch of professionalism that can also help.   This ensures that customer service interactions will be more relaxed and confident on your customer’s part. 

Not providing consistent, fast customer service can lead to unsubscribes, disappointment,  and dissatisfaction on the part of your customers. It can damage your reputation.

Nothing decreases your profits more drastically than this.   So, if you haven’t created rock-solid customer service protocols, procedures, and systems, take care of this right now.


Plug Your Profit Leaks


If you are interested in identifying and plugging business leaks, I want to recommend that you check out the latest MyNAMS Profit Planner called “Plug Your Profit Leaks”. It’s a complete program that delivers step-by-step implementation plans to help you start fixing profit leaks in your business.

This value-packed information will give you everything you need to identify and fix the profit leaks in your business fast.

  • Identify Common Leaks and Boost Your Profits
  • 3 Basic Skills for Getting More Sales
  • 5 Ways to Increase Profits Now

And what do you get?

  • TextBook
  • Workbook 
  • Checklist 
  • Tools and Resources Guide
  • Idea Generator
  • Infographic with key points

This is a complete, concise implementation plan that gets to the key information and walks you through fixing the common profit leaks.

To your success.

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