Selling Your eCourse Without an Email List

eCourse Launch Blueprint

eCourse Launch Blueprint

Selling your eCourse without an email list is possible. But it does mean you have to put in the time and effort to make your launch a success.

It wouldn’t make much sense to design an eCourse and not keep the end-user in your thoughts.  It’s important that you do some research and understand your target audience.

Versium offers a marketing tool that gives you insight into who your ideal customer is and how to reach them. That information should be your guide as you choose your content and design choices.  Using the ideal marketing mix is a must for your success.

You can launch your eCourse even if you don’t have a huge list built up yet (be realistic—having a large list is a ‘must’ for attracting well-established Joint Venture partners). But even without big-name JV partners, a small list can be just as powerful as a large one … provided that each subscriber is your ideal potential student.


Clearly Define Benefits

Be sure that your list consists of only the most targeted customers, and that the benefits of your product or service are clear and precise.

You need to be absolutely clear on:

  • Your eCourse—what it is going to teach and how this teaching will change your student’s life in one specific, positive way
  • Who will benefit from this course, who needs it and why (what problem are they having/will your eCourse solve?)
    How you are going to help them and where they’ll be at the end of the eCourse
    Who you are and why you are the best person to help them

Begin with a clear product. One with all the fluff and distraction stripped off. Create an eCourse that doesn’t confuse people one-third of the way into it or teach them more than they really wanted to know.

That means careful planning and research.  You may find that you need to adjust your ideal marketing mix to reflect what you discover in your research.  Don’t skip this step—especially if it’s your first eCourse. If your product doesn’t deliver, your audience will lose their interest quickly.


Identify Your Ideal Subscriber

Clearly identify who it’s for and specifically what you’ll teach in it. If you fail to deliver what you promised, all the list-building and sales techniques in the world aren’t going to bring your subscriber back for your next product or course. It won’t build your list, and you may even lose subscribers if you don’t do your homework.

For more information on identifying who your product is for, see our previous post, Launching an eCourse Your Target Audience Craves.

Perhaps you have already created your course or have a strong idea already of what you’re going to teach, so let’s run a quick checklist to make sure it’s ready to go.

eCourse Checklist:

  • Teach something specific: not general or generic – Example: “Sculpt Your Abx in 7 Days”; not “Exercise for Women”
    Zone in where your ideal student is currently hurting (ONE problem)
    Give a clear picture of her ONE Problem, your ONE Promise, and your SINGLE Solution for that specific problem
    Have a strong, descriptive Title that reflects the above, using specific keywords
    Allow them to complete it as easily and simply as possible
    Create a course you feel excited to present, in your own unique way

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What’s covered in this training?

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  • What’s YOUR best marketing mix?

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