Solving the Problems of List Building


Having an online business can be exhausting with an enormous amount of hard work. It seems as though there is an endless lineup of things needing your attention between writing new blogs, press releases, and articles, keeping your social networking sites updated and trying to drive traffic to your website. 

You may lose focus on the most important aspect of all, list building.  

Why is List Building so important?

OutsourcingCan you imagine being in business for 17 years and unable to reach any of your customers with a killer deal? Sadly, you would be surprised by how many businesses operate this way.

List building is the simplest way to connect to people who are not only wanting the results your product provides but also those who are searching for solutions.

List Building Advantages

List building is simply compiling email addresses of current and future customers and then saving them in some type of directory.  This enables you to contact them when you want to recommend strategies to help them reach their goals, provide some valuable content, or introduce a new service or product. 

By placing an email capture form on your acrylic painting page that says, “Sign Up for Free eBook on How to Paint Realistic Landscapes!” you can rest assured that whoever signs up is interested in painting tutorials already. You won’t need to hope that their interests match your services; they have already chosen to learn more about it!

In order to run a successful online marketing campaign, you have to remove the guesswork by having a solid list in place. You don’t want to completely rely on pay-per-click or traffic generation. 

You should be able to also simply send out emails to targeted subscribers and tell them about your products.

Common Mistakes

Your focus on successful list building should not be on quantity, but on quality. Your subscribers should look to you as an expert in the field. Stay away from always trying to sell them something. 

Offer quality information, at no cost, that is valuable to them. Occasionally, introduce your services or products as a solution to their problems. To build an effective list, it takes time, hard work, and quality email content. 

The most common mistakes of list building include:

  • Trying to Sell Your Products Too Often or Not Often Enough
  • Sending Information That is Irrelevant
  • Unprofessional/ Poorly Written Autoresponders 
  • Not Using Autoresponder or Automated Email Services
  • Discarding Your List and Becoming Forgotten by Subscribers
  • Being Lazy!

Each of these mistakes can be easily corrected as long as you are not guilty of the last mistake:  Being lazy!

You will have to stay motivated and focused to build a successful list. Finding a mentor or coach that can assist you with staying on track can be a great help. 

It pays to be consistent in your efforts in order to see the difference list building will make to your online business.

More on List Building

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